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On Monday, Three Pixel’s very own Exec Producer, Chris Huskins, attended an advanced screening of the highly anticipated Ready Player One – Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the 2011 bestselling novel by Ernest Cline.

“I genuinely loved it.” Opened Chris, beginning to sum up his first impressions of the movie. “It was really refreshing knowing I was going into something that wasn’t going to be a ten movie saga.”

When speaking about why this movie interested him, given it’s young adult genre trappings, Chris drew parallels with Black Mirror, explaining that “it embraces the social commentary” and the dystopian elements and technology used can be “frightening, and a bit dark … because we can see these things actually happening.”

Although, it’s supposed to “have a fun edge to it, it’s not supposed to be too dark.”

There is something for everyone. Especially in the references the movie uses in abundance. For Chris personally, he said The film really appealed to me because I’ve been a gamer for a long, long time…the amount of references on games is incredible.” From early arcade games to the more modern Gears of War, Ready Player One had enough that you would have “to watch it four or five times to see every single reference.”

For me, when I know that a movie leans heavily into nostalgic references, I get suspicious. My fear was that the references were going to be superficial, purely existing as a nudge and a wink. But Chris argued that Spielberg has learnt from other movies that have done it well recently, notably Guardians of the Galaxy. “The way it ties into the characters…it doesn’t feel unrealistic, because it is set in a game world.”

Wrapping up our conversation, Chris summarised his initial review by saying “As soon as I sat down…as soon as things started relating to me, I just absolutely loved it. You have to go see it”


You can listen to our full conversation here:

S2 Bonus 07: First Impression: Ready Player One

by The Three Pixels: Tech Gaming & Movie Podcast | Season 2

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Ready Player One
D. Steven Spielberg
S. Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn

Release Date: 28th March 2018 (UK) & 29th March 2018 (US)